Call to Account aims to get the reader interested in topics of analytic philosophy. What’s that?

Philosophy has to do with explaining, theorizing, or giving an account of something. Usually it’s something basic–an account of what time is, for example.

Some of the qualities of analytic philosophy as it is done on this blog include giving explanations that aim for:

  • Clarity
  • Succinctness
  • Concreteness

Clarity comes from keeping words unambiguous, and even using sophisticated tools such as symbolic logic in order to track parts of the view or the arguments around it.

Succinctness comes from clarity, but also being sure not to repeat information that has already been given. If the information can be more clearly said another way, then usually you can just use that other way. The only time to violate succinctness is with the next point, in giving more examples.

Concreteness comes from providing basic examples. Examples are often lacking when philosophers argue about competing explantations, and this leads to bystanders quickly losing track of what’s being said and why. Its important to stick with basic examples and circle back to them when developing views or arguments.

Enjoy reading up on topics of analytic philosophy as I have time to add them!

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