I encourage the use of free and open source software. The gains made by open source software, even in just the past couple years, have been tremendous. There’s less and less of a reason to stay locked into the Apple or Microsoft ecosphere. Still on Windows but hate knowing that they are logging everything you do, and don’t care about the Adobe suite (there are great alternatives)? Still on Apple devices but distrust that they are gathering data on when you interact with other Apple users? Dislike Wordpress charging for services that are vastly cheaper than they used to be (i.e. free)?

I don’t blog on tech or software per se, but if this interests you one bit, here’s what I use, why not give them a search?


  • Hugo + Github (Netlify)

Operating system

Linux :

  • Arch linux for all the programs you can easily install off the bat.
  • Ubuntu or Mint for ease of use and also lots of easily installable programs.


  • Blender
  • GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • Brave
  • OBS
  • youtube-dl

This is not to say that I am against proprietary software. Without that, there would be no Youtube for example, which remains a great resource of information and tutorials, including on getting started with the free and open source software mentioned above. (You may also find my video on Gödel–coming soon!).

Maybe I will update this article on how I’ve been making use of free and open source software some other time.